Kessel Grease Traps and Separators are changing the game. Grease traps have been around for many years, but modern requirements and standards have put a lot of pressure on businesses in the service industry, who often don’t have all that much space to spare.

As grease trap installers for commercial, domestic and industrial locations, we provide free consultations to advise on sizing, installing and maintaining grease traps. We have worked with some of the smallest as well as some of the largest outfits in the country. For some, the size of a trap or the frequency of cleaning can be a real problem. So when we came across Kessel’s Grease Separator system, we were eager to test it. Having done so, we can attest to its quality and reliability. These systems allow entirely new ways of storing waste and cleaning. It’s no longer necessary for you to open the unit to clean it. And you can now meet Irish Water’s strict FOG discharge requirements without compromising your workspace.

Kessel Grease Traps: a modern solution to a centuries-old problem

We have been in the business for decades, providing cover twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve made it our mission to provide the best service, the best equipment, and the highest levels of safety in the industry. There’s a lot of poor quality stuff on the market, so we were very enthusiastic when we came across Kessel products in our research for better systems.  While we strive to innovate and lead as service providers, Kessel does the same in the development and manufacture of drainage equipment and products. Their grease separators, it turns out, are a great solution with a modular design that allows for many different configurations.

FOG License Requirements Are No Longer limited by Space

Whereas traditional grease traps were large, required cleaning and had a lot of space requirements, the Kessel Grease Separator has a modular design that allows for far more options. This means your FOG license requirements may be met even with a small kitchen. This is essential if you operate a smaller commercial unit which may not have all that much space in the kitchen. These systems have features like a lightweight polymer construction (that doesn’t decay over the years), build-in alerts and monitoring, so you will know when it’s time to empty the trap, and quick and easy installation without the typical costs incurred with a heavy, permanent steel structure. The possibilities are many, and to find out the best solution it’s best to give us a call — we’d be happy to advise on your space and setup at no cost.

To find out more about the Kessel Grease Trap system, or for free advice on your own requirements, give us a call today on 1800 437 246.

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