As Industrial Drainage Contractors, we ensure your organisation gets the job done efficiently and on-time.  We’ve led in terms of technology and testing, ensuring that builders could safely traverse Irish Water’s Self Lay Agreements.
But we go further than that. As you know, one of the greatest challenges when onboarding a contractor is ensuring they are up to speed on health and safety regulations. Over the years, we’ve developed a team culture that promotes excellence, quality and safety in work.  This starts with being careful about who we hire, but we also know that that’s not enough.

Industrial Drainage Contractors: We Put Safety First

Many years ago, we realised that “close calls” are too close for comfort. We began regular team meetings where we’d provide an open forum for feedback. Everyone could voice their concerns about anything. Perhaps they’re unhappy with a process, or they found that particular activity or piece of equipment was potentially dangerous or inefficient. Taking this feedback, we as a group worked on solutions. If it wasn’t something we could solve there and then, we’d research alternatives. We rewarded team members who found a viable solution to a problem; Be it a potentially dangerous issue or an inefficient practice that could improve upon the Manhole Sealing process. We developed our own systems and best practices to iterate and improve, all the while training to the highest Industry Standards for On-Site Health and Safety training.

Leading the Industry

Unfortunately, even to this day, the norm for many contractors is to muscle their way through problems.  There’s often a tendency for contractors to let certificates expire, and the client’s EH department is left chasing for this information; If a contractor or subcontractor’s certificate or insurance has expired and there is an incident, the client’s insurance will not cover it.
We have an extraordinarily low injury rate for our team members because we’re always putting safety first and foremost. We maintain up-to-date certification for all team members, and we train them in a range of skills including occupational first aid, traffic management, Confined Space & Rescue, as well as supervisory training such as “Managing Safety for Construction Managers” (IOSH).

For any project, be it in a factory or treatment plant maintenance, our supervisors will visit the site and prepare a Site Specific Method Statement. Before beginning work, we will ensure all of our people have relevant and up-to-date certificates and all of this will be provided to your SHEQ team before work commences.

If you’d like to discuss a project with our team, give us a call on 1800 437 246.

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