Manhole Sealing – Work That Holds Water

Manhole sealing isn’t just a legal requirement; it’s essential for environmental safety. But if it’s badly planned or executed, a leak can lead to further disruptions, or potential environmental damage or legal issues. The IPPC License only requires this work to be performed once every three years. Given the potential environmental and health and safety hazards involved, it’s essential to ensure the work is done right — and thoroughly — the first time around.

Sealed Today. Still Sealed Tomorrow

When we carry out this work, we start by carrying out a thorough safety analysis, as well as analysing the wastewater flow through the manhole. Are there PH issues due to chemicals? Are there high or low temperatures coming out of the plant? If required, we will consult with your suppliers to design a product list suitable for this environment to ensure that any sealing work we perform holds.

The work will always include breaking out all loose material within the manhole, filling any voids in the walls, the base and the channel, and then coating all surfaces with a specialised waterproofing render. If for any reason we think it’s needed, we may apply a chemical resistance paint over the render. And finally, we’ll carry out a hydrostatic test (to I.S. EN standards) so that we can be confident that the manhole is fully compliant — and will stay that way. But that’s just what we do, how we do it is what helps us maximise safety and efficiency.

Manhole Sealing - Work That Holds WaterManhole Sealing With Minimal Downtime

We’re always seeking out better ways of carrying out essential work so that we can minimise or eliminate factory process disruptions for our clients. If there’s a way we can safely carry out crucial work without causing downtime we will do so. For example, if we must halt flow into a manhole, rather than halt an entire process, we may use a vacuum tanker to temporarily bypass the manhole and transfer it further down the pipeline. We have carried out a number of complex and large scale projects of this nature in busy industrial sites with very little disruption and in a controlled, safe manner.

Absolute Safety is Our Top Priority

Over the years, we’ve developed a culture of active feedback and learning, drawing from the expertise and knowledge gained from “close calls” by our team members working on the ground. Whenever we can find ways to iterate and improve upon our safety and efficiency, we’ll research it, test it, and if it’s a success, implement it.  Our teams genuinely take pride in their work, and we attribute this attitude to why we were recently awarded the highest certification possible for a new entrant in our category by Safe-T-Cert. 

The insight gained from our team members has helped us lead the industry in the use of innovative safety procedures and systems that eliminated on-site risks, such as manhole safety grids and gate guards, hydraulic lifts, remote control systems, and advanced safety protocols and frameworks.  All team members are trained well above the industry norm, with members in every team assigned specialised training in safety, supervision, occupational first aid, traffic management, and more.

Organised, Controlled, Efficient Work

We can work alongside you in the management of all aspects of on-site safety. Before we start work, one of our supervisors will call out to make an assessment and prepare well in advance for all potential hazards and risks associated with each aspect of the work.  Implementing “Managing Safety for Construction Managers (IOSH) training, they can set out a plan to reduce or eliminate any risk of personal injury or structural damage. They will issue a Site Specific Method Statement in advance of the work, which will include confirmation of all training certificates for operatives selected for the job.  If a Permit-To-Work System isn’t already in place, we can implement it for you.

Our High-Risk Confined Space & Rescue Team are trained to the highest levels in Confined Space Operations, First Aid and Rescue. They are well-regarded in the industry and have often been requested to come out and supervise when Confined Space Activities were carried out on-site by other third-party contractors. We’re very proud of our fantastic team.

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