Wastewater treatment plant maintenance can be essential for peace of mind. Without maintenance, your system may breach legal requirements without you even knowing it. It may also operate inefficiently, resulting in added costs in the long-run such as an increased frequency in sludge management callouts.

Regardless of the size and scale of the plant, anything that has mechanical components is prone to breaking down. When you have a breakdown in an on-site wastewater treatment plant, it can cause a backup in the drains, into homes or commercial properties. Left unattended, it can lead to poor quality discharge. Poor quality effluent puts your system in breach of your discharge license, threatens local flora and fauna and can result in fines and legal action. Not fun.

Keeping Things MovingTreatment Plant Maintenance

Whether it’s a small domestic system or one built to accommodate an entire estate, for a treatment plant to treat the wastewater effectively, all aspects of the plant need to operate as intended. For example, if an RBC fails (Rotating Biological Contactor), or the aeration system breaks down, the effluent quality is likely to drop below acceptable limits. This would put your system is in breach of your discharge license, exposing the environment to damage — and you to hefty fines. 

We can help with onsite wastewater treatment for plants of all sizes and levels, from domestic to industrial. Anything from a domestic biocycle tank, right up to commercial or large-scale residential treatment plants, municipal systems and pumping stations. 

Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance – Call in the Professionals!

Some common first signs of an issue are a strong smell coming from the plant or the drainage system, gurgling sounds coming from the system or pipework, or drains, toilets and sinks backing up. If you find early signs that your treatment plant may be acting up, like sewerage odours, we can help.  We can call around to identify the issue and, if necessary, remove excess sludge which may be causing a backup. We will check on the overall status of the system to ensure it’s running efficiently, and provide recommendations to keep you in compliance, potentially reduce the rate of sludge build-up, and prevent sewage backing up in the drains. We’ll also ensure there are no signs of a potential breakdown, to reduce the risk of environmental damage and subsequent penalties.

Because your system can be in breach of regulations before you notice symptoms, a maintenance contract can offer you the peace of mind of knowing that things are running smoothly and efficiently at all times.  In addition to servicing your system, we can provide maintenance recommendations suited to match your specific system based on infrastructure, volume, and usage.

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