Why perform a drain survey? Whether you’re buying or selling a home or commercial property, it’s essential to include a drain survey in your list of pre-checks to ensure that you’re covered. For buyers, a damaged, leaking drain can go unnoticed for long periods during which it can cause severe structural damage. So once you’ve checked that the property’s roof is in good condition, there are no signs of dampness and the foundation is sound, the next vital step to get the full picture is to check the drains.

Why Perform a Drain Survey: Legal Requirements

Mortgage and insurance companies may require you to run a survey before signing a contract. A homebuyer’s drainage survey will make sure that everything goes where it’s supposed to in the sink, shower and toilet, and ensure that there’s nothing hidden under the surface that could turn a good investment sour. For sellers, while vacant properties are more likely to have issues such as build-up, lived-in properties are still susceptible to issues even if you were not currently experiencing problems. It can help to proactively perform the checks yourself to alleviate doubts and reduce your risk of claims after the sale.

Why Perform a Drain Survey: Peace Of Mind 

Some of the common drainage issues we may discover include blockages, collapsed piping, leaks, fractures and potentially problematic intrusions such as tree root growth. Some pipework can also be vulnerable to a rat infestation.  Tree roots and rodents can often access a pipe when there’s a crack or break somewhere in the system. In the case of tree roots, as they grow, they can further expand, crack and move the pipework. For rat infestations, a rat stop can be put in place if a repair will not provide an adequate solution.

Why Perform a Drain Survey

Send Big Brother Down The Pipes!

To find these, we’ll use a full range of instruments which includes CCTV Drain surveys. We’ll rule out anything that could cause damage. We’ll explore any potentially faulty pipework and sewerage systems. If we find a pipe blockage or potential problem area, we’ll be able to pinpoint its exact location and recommend solutions so that you know what to expect, or can resolve any issues before you sign the dotted line. By performing a drain survey, you’ll also know which drains are belonging to which property and where they are located; these can be important things to know before taking on a new property.

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