Safety at work is one of our core drivers and has pushed us to innovate in the industry over the past five decades. When it comes to industrial drainage contract work, we understand that safety is a priority. Not just for ourselves, but for our clients. We’re proud of the feedback our team receives every day from our corporate and industrial clients. The most common feedback we receive is that our team meshes seamlessly with our clients’ own team and helps get the job done efficiently.   Here are some of the ways in which we have been able to achieve that.

Innovation through Safety

While the industry norm is to brush off ‘close calls’ through bravado, we treat each close call as a learning opportunity for the whole team. We frequently meet to discuss incidents and near misses to find out what went wrong. Then, we examine procedures and occurrences and find ways to prevent a high-risk situation from ever happening again.

Training, Training,  Training

We arm ourselves with preparation and knowledge. That begins with hiring team members based on attention to detail and excellent work ethic. Our team members are naturally driven to improve, and the result is that we have a team skilled in a range of processes, from occupational first aid, confined space, and rescue training to traffic management and IOSH (Managing safety for construction managers).

Risk Prevention

Before beginning work, we perform a risk assessment and for complex works we produce a ‘Site Specific Method Statement’ which details all aspects of the task-at-hand. This way, we can ensure all necessary health and safety precautions are in place, ensure our designated team members surpass all required training, and ensure all certificates are up-to-date and all insurance is accurate and suitable for the work at-hand.

Working Alongside Your Team

We do everything we can to ensure that any work we carry out does not risk interruption to your operations. From work in confined spaces to manhole sealing, we work alongside your team and ensure there’s clear communication and that we’re working together to resolve any issue efficiently and safely.

If your business requires an industrial drainage contract, we would happy to discuss your situation. We provide everything from emergency cover to a full range of service options for every situation and requirement. You can call us any time on 1800 437 246

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