What is our secret weapon? We have always worked to be leaders in the industry, adopting the latest and most efficient technology and best practices. Technology has progressed over the last few decades, with better, more efficient equipment available. Whether it’s a new type of grease trap, new pumping systems, or pipe repairing, things have come on leaps and bounds in the forty-five years since we started. During this time we have done more than simply keep abreast of the changing landscape — we’ve been at the forefront. But that’s not our secret weapon. Our secret weapon is our team.

Our Secret Weapon: We Only Choose People We Trust That You Can Trust

Getting the job done quickly, cleanly and efficiently are important factors for us. But that’s only half of the equation. We only hire the best people. Knowledgeable, friendly, grounded engineers, plumbers, technicians and support staff who are good to work with.  We don’t choose people purely based on technical ability. We seek out the few professionals who take genuine pride in the quality of their work. We know that this philosophy works; We get calls and emails every day with praise for the surprising experience our clients have received. How many other companies can produce testimonials like these?

We have all been on the receiving end of poor service. Poor communication and bad manners on the phone, difficulty reaching people, no-shows, mistreatment of property… the list goes on. The best service providers treat their clients as they would like to be treated.

We aim for nice surprises.

If there’s a better, more efficient, or lower-cost way to do something, our team will always recommend it to you. We’ve had many calls from customers who had a plumber recommend they tear up a perfectly good bathroom to repair pipework.  That’s really the last thing anyone wants to hear. As far as we are concerned, our job is to provide the best solution to your problem. Destructive work should only ever be a last resort once all other possible avenues have been investigated. Unfortunately, it’s very common in the industry as service professionals do what they’ve always done, not necessarily seeking out better solutions. Technology like pipe relining often means you can effectively repair pipework cheaply, without having to destroy your property.

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