A drain trace and survey can both work to prolong the lifespan of your drainage system as well as identify and prevent issues. To achieve this, it helps to know what’s going on and where the drains are located. This is especially important when you’re preparing for a house sale, or you’re considering purchasing a home and want to ensure that the property is in good shape beneath the surface. The best way to achieve this is through a CCTV drain survey. This involves using specialised camera systems to get a good appraisal of the drains.

Drain Trace Drain Trace and Survey

Drain tracing can be essential when you need to know where a drain is located or where a known fault is located. It’s common for people to move into a property and have no accurate plans to delineate the location of the drainage system. This can result in very costly and unsuccessful excavations. If you have an issue and you’re uncertain of the precise location of the pipework, this may be a necessary tool to help solve the problem. We combine different technologies that precisely pinpoint where your drains are located, and where an issue is. This is performed using our Sonde Systems, a radio detection device that traces the path of pipes, drains and ducts. With accurate readings to a depth of up to 5 metres from our standard equipment, the results are very reliable and can ensure that you get an accurate mapping of your drains. This can also mean minimising potential damage or disruption caused by any excavation work which might be required.

Pipe Relining

Thankfully, with modern technology, excavation may not be required. We also provide pipe relining services that can repair your damaged pipework. To achieve this, we first perform a CCTV survey to identify the issue. If we are able to use pipe relining techniques, we will do so. We can also provide no-dig patch repairs. Our priority is always to find the most cost-effective solution to an issue can after identifying the problem, we will provide some recommendations so you can make the best choice based on your budget.

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