There’s nothing worse than stepping into your shower only to find it turn into a foot bath! A clogged shower drain is a common problem that’s usually easy to fix with a couple of tools. However, the most commonly used one is often the worst! We’ve seen the damage chemical cleaners can do and for that reason we don’t recommend them.

Unclog your Shower: Avoid Chemicals

Harsh chemical drain cleaners are often the go-to for most people. They’re readily available and are very easy to use. The problem is that while they may clear the shower blockage, chemicals risk damaging your drains and pipework. The harsh chemicals can quickly damage seals and pipes and create an even bigger problem than they aim to solve.

Worse again, chemicals are dangerous. They burn your eyes and skin. If the chemicals don’t solve the problem and you need to use a manual solution, you risk splashing those chemicals into your hands and face. If you wish to go the solvent route, a safer solution is a homemade concoction of white wine vinegar and baking soda. The combination does an excellent job of clearing out blockages without risking acid burns and without any painstaking manual labour on your part.

Using a Plunger or Drain Snake To Clear a Blockage

A plunger is the easiest manual tool for the job. If your shower is already flooded, you should have no problem creating a good seal around the drain. But if a good old-fashioned plunger doesn’t solve your problem, you can also consider investing a few euro in a drain snake. These are long metal cables that wiggle their way through your pipes to get at the stubborn blockages in the S-bends. By giving it a wiggle, you dislodge any debris, breaking it up and snagging clumps of soap and hair (yuck) so that you can drag them out and dispose of them.

Calling in the Pros

While the vast majority of blockages should be cleared with baking soda, a plunger and/or a snake, there may be a more significant problem at play that requires drain repairs, or perhaps it just needs more powerful professional-level equipment to do the job. If you need assistance at any time, you can call us on 1800 437 246.

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