Pressure testing drains and manholes can be a troublesome part of the process for any builder or developer. Since Irish Water introduced the new Self Lay Agreements, you will need to perform pipeline and manhole tests on the foul sewer system. Dyno-Rod’s computerised drain testing system is efficient and our team are very experienced with this type of work

Pressure Testing Drains: The New Standardpressure testing drains
Not only is Irish Water’s new standard far more stringent than before, many of the companies offering hydrostatic pressure testing use equipment that is no longer fit to do the job. As a result, we’ve heard from builders and developers who performed the pressure test (which they either performed themselves or through a contractor) only to find that it wasn’t accepted because the testing equipment itself was deemed unsuitable or it was not accepted without being witnessed.

For many professionals, keeping up with changes in the industry while keeping multiple other balls in the air can sometimes lead to things catching them unaware. So, unsurprisingly, many professionals were caught by surprise.  More than a few people discovered these changes after a multi-day pump sump test, which passed the test — but the test itself wasn’t up to the new standard! Ensure that you don’t carry out any testing before first contacting Irish Water as per the Self Lay Agreements. The Field Engineer may also want to be there during testing.

What To Look Out For

To avoid delays in the commissioning of your system and the completion of your project, make sure that you’re pressure pumping stations using a computerised system that is fully certified system following the Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry, 7th Edition (CESWI).  We’ve heard back that much of the tests carried out by a builder themselves or through a contractor has not been accepted by the Irish Water field engineer because it didn’t meet the requirements.

If you’re hiring a contractor to run an air pressure test on pipelines, make sure to ask if they are compliant with Irish Water’s new requirements. The test results and methodology should be precise and transparent.  Our customers have found it very useful to have a computerised report including graph for test verification and record-keeping. We use modern, specialised equipment to produce fully compliant results. If a section fails a test, our testing team can perform a CCTV inspection or step testing to locate the point of failure, and we will have multiple processes and equipment (including no-dig solutions) on-hand to fix any issues.

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