A pre-purchase drain survey can help identify common issues with the drains and pipework of a property. However, repairing a damaged or collapsed drainage system can be expensive. A drain survey helps factor in or address potential costs before purchase. In addition, if a blockage is found after the handover of a property, the buyer’s insurance policy may not cover the costs. So eliminating the potential for an issue or rectifying a problem before the sale may be a prudent choice for buyers and sellers alike.

Some mortgage providers may require a drain survey. Identifying a problem and its exact location helps ensure transparency during a sale. It also helps to quickly resolve and repair any issue that may be present. Here’s how it works.

What is a pre-purchase drain survey?pre-purchase drain survey

A drain survey is performed by sending a CCTV system down the pipes to inspect for any issues. These can include blockages caused by soap scum, silt and debris, roots, ingress, cracks or even collapse. Anything that could lead to problems now or in the future is mapped and assessed. Very often, any potential blockages found in the system can be removed during inspection.

During a CCTV Drain Survey, we assess the condition of the drainage system. A member of our team will call out with state of the art equipment, including cameras and pipe locating systems. Using our equipment, we can help identify and locate issues such as blockages, collapsed drains, ingress from tree roots, animal infestations, wear and tear, corrosion, displacement as well as installation errors. Once we’ve completed our inspection, we will report the findings and make recommendations on the kinds of repair work that may be necessary.

Older buildings may not have a clear schematic for the drainage system. In this case, we can perform drain tracing using a suite of equipment to help locate your drainage system, where it runs and to what depth. We achieve this using sonde systems, combined with high pressure jetting and CCTV surveying. This may be essential if there is an issue located in the drainage system which requires repair – especially in the case where a dig is necessary.

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