A pre-purchase drain survey can save you from future headaches and unexpected expenses. By identifying potential issues with a property’s drains and pipework, you can address these problems before completing the sale.

Why Opt for a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey?

A thorough home buyer’s drain survey can reveal hidden issues with a property’s drainage system, helping you make informed decisions and avoid costly repairs. Additionally, some mortgage providers may require a drain survey, ensuring transparency during the sale and facilitating quick resolutions for any identified issues.

How We Execute Pre-Purchase Drain Surveys

A pre-purchase drain survey involves using a CCTV system to inspect pipes for potential problems, such as blockages, cracks or collapses. We can then provide quotations to fix any drain issues if any damage is found if you plan to proceed. Our team utilises state-of-the-art equipment, including cameras and pipe locating systems, to assess the drainage system’s condition and provide recommendations for any necessary repair work.

Drain Tracing for Older Buildings

Older properties may not have clear schematics for their drainage systems. In these cases, we can perform drain tracing using a suite of equipment, including sonde systems, high-pressure jetting, and CCTV surveying. This process helps us locate and map the drainage system, which is crucial if repairs are needed – and particularly if excavation is required.

Need to Arrange a Survey?

If you’re interested in a pre-purchase drain survey for a property, we’re here to help. Our expert team will arrive with cutting-edge equipment to assess the property’s drainage system, report our findings, any necessary repairs and their estimated costs. Just give us a  call on 1800 437 246 to discuss your needs and schedule a survey.

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