It’s never a good sign when you hear funny noises coming from any of your drains. It is always recommended to investigate a drain if it starts to gurgle or there are bubbling noises coming from it because, while it might sound harmless, it may be an indication of issues further downstream that could turn into a much larger problem.

There are many reasons as to why your drains may make strange noises. On occasion, this has been something as simple as a blocked vent at roof level. As these vents are designed to ensure correct airflow through your drainage system, a birds nest or other obstruction could cause the airflow to be altered or cut off. It could be a blockage that has air trapped against it and the water draining from your sink is causing this to move back up the drain and create the sound you’re hearing. It could also indicate that there is damage to your main foul drain for your home. If this line develops a blockage or any kind of structural defect, the initial signs can often be sounds emanating from your fixtures connected to this drain.

my drains are gurgling and bubbling

If you notice anything of this nature happening, don’t ignore it. Whatever the reason it is happening, it should be investigated to ensure that it’s not a major issue with the drains that, if not noticed and resolved quickly, could result in thousands of euro in repairs and massive inconvenience for you.

So let Dyno-Rod take care of all the hassle for you. Our specialist drain technicians can call to your home, clear your blockage and provide a view of your drain using CCTV drain cameras we carry onboard our vans. This will allow us to show you if there are any issues in your drains.

As we like to think of ourselves as your one-stop-shop for drainage issues, if we do find any issue with your drains, we can repair them using our own teams of specialists. So call us today to take care of those noisy drains and put your mind at ease that your drains aren’t going to give you any nasty surprises in the near future.

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