We provide regular maintenance services for our domestic, industrial and commercial customers. We can provide year-round support for drains, grease traps, and pumps to help you meet legal requirements, prevent stressful breakdowns, and keep everything running smoothly.

Rainwater Gully Cleaning

Gullies in driveways and carparks are often forgotten about until the skies open and you have to tip toe through a large puddle to get to your front door or your car. Gullies around your home have a water trap in them that accumulates silt and debris over time and must be cleaned out periodically to prevent them blocking and to ensure the water can get through quickly enough during heavy rain. Road gullies in car parks are designed with a large silt trap to catch this debris that is washed of the underside of cars and tyres and preventing it washing into the sewer downstream. This stays in the trap until removed and will eventually cause a back up if not dealt with.

Dyno-Rod help many of our customers with preventative maintenance contracts on their gullies. This cleaning might be with hand tools around your home or using vacuum tankers for car park drains. Give us a call if you’ve had enough of wet socks!

Pump Maintenance

From apartment complexes to underground parking, a pump is a simple yet sometimes vital piece of equipment. Should it fail, it can lead to serious property damage. Many of Ireland’s carparks, in particular some underground, are susceptible to flooding. A failed pump can rapidly lead to damaged vehicles or building damage. Often when this occurs, you don’t hear about it until it’s too late – often from the vehicle owners themselves. In addition to setting up alert systems to prevent disaster, we help you ensure the dreaded barrage of 3am phone calls from irate homeowners never happens through a regular pump maintenance schedule. By keeping your pumps in good working order, you significantly reduce the risk of breakdown when your pump is needed most.

Grease Trap Maintenance

If you run a commercial food business, you may be required to install and maintain a suitable grease trap system. We are market leaders in the management of grease trap cleaning and maintenance. In addition to helping you create the best technical solution for your needs, we can also install it and maintain it on a regular schedule, depending on usage. We also prepare your discharge license application if needs be. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that your grease trap can be maintained and you can meet all regulatory requirements without any hassle on your end.

If you need a maintenance service, you can always give us a call; we’ll be happy to assess your needs depending on usage to ensure you’re only paying as much as you need for the best quality service. You can give us a call any time on 1800 437 246

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We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year across Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Kildare & all of Ireland to ensure that you are always covered when domestic, commercial and industrial drainage problems arise.