One of the biggest culprits of blockages in your drains and the communal drainage system is likely to be a result of FOG (Fat, oils and grease). This is mostly comprised of food waste and can be anything from dairy to animal fats as well as cooking oils. Whatever their source, FOG can lead to blockages as well as serious damage to buildings as a result of backups, sewage overflows, and even result in serious environmental damage.

Clearing Away FOG: Why is it a problem?fog fat oil grease

The major issue with FOG is that it goes down the drain easily, but is very difficult and expensive to remove. Even the little film of grease on your plate after a meal, if that is flushed off the plate with warm water and dishwashing soap, will travel down your drain and perhaps go a few metres before the water cools and the fat begins to solidify. At this stage, it can stick to the walls of your drains where it accumulates over time. As it builds up, it forms a hard, sticky blockage. FOG can also travel further down to the municipal drainage system. Over time, it combines with other substances and items such as wet wipes. These can combine and over time form very hard substances that are extremely expensive to remove if left for too long.

Preventing a Clog Caused by FOG

The best way to prevent FOG from clogging your drains and causing disruptions or damage to your property is to reduce the amount going into the drain in the first place. Small things add up. In many cases, a blockage can be prevented or reduced by making minor changes to your washing up habits. For example, using old newspaper or kitchen roll to wipe any grease off plates and pans before putting them into the dishwasher or the sink.

If you do have a blockage, you can try using an at-home mixture to clear away the blockage.  We generally don’t recommend using chemical drain unblockers as these can damage your drains and make a bad problem worse. If this fails, you may need to call someone for assistance. We provide comprehensive drain services as well as 24/7 emergency plumbing services if you need it. If you need help with clearing your drains you can always give us a call on 1800 437 246

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