Channel drains are an alternative to a simple gully pots and prevent water pooling over greater areas such as your driveway, patio or they might be found inside showers or commercial kitchens. They are also used in commercial and industrial settings, such as car washes and loading docks. This simple drainage system captures and redirects water away from a specific area where water accumulation can cause safety hazards and damage to the surrounding surfaces. However, when channel drains get blocked, rainfall will cause water to accumulate in the area and may cause damage to surfaces, as well as lead to safety hazards such as slips and falls.

How do you keep them clear?

Regular maintenance helps keep your channel drains clear. You should clean the grate regularly to prevent the accumulation of debris. This helps prevent the build-up of leaves and other large and loose debris, which, left unattended, would rot down and become mud. Some material will always get through the grid and accumulate in the channel itself which will also need to be cleaned out by lifting off the grating. If you have difficulties cleaning these yourself, we’re always happy to be of assistance.

Installing Channel Drains

Most channel drains first require you dig a trench. You then place the channel and grate, and connect it to the drainage system. How you go about this will depend on the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s best to consult with a professional if you’re unsure of the process as once it’s placed it is very difficult to re-dig without risking damage to the drains.

Kessel Drains

Kessel drains are exceptional systems which are sleek and durable. They’re great for walk-in showers and wet rooms, with nice clean lines that work well with modern interior design standards. We have found Kessel products to be outstanding in almost every way. For this reason we are their chief suppliers in Ireland, and we install and maintain all Kessel products in the country. For more information, feel free to call us. We’re happy help you with the correct product for your needs, installation and maintenence.

If you need help unblocking your channel drains or have any questions about our range of Kessel products, you can call us any time on 1800 437 246

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