Bath unblocking might be necessary if you have a slow draining tub. While we provide a professional shower and bath unblocking service, you may want to try to fix the issue yourself first before you call in the experts. Here are a few things you can try to help clear the blockage.

Bath unblocking: Why not go straight for the chemicals or the plunger?

Plungers can often quickly get rid of a blockage. But when it comes to baths and showers, the drain blockage is often due to large clumps of hair which become solidified by cleaning products. Using a plunger on this type of blockage may get things moving again but can run the risk of merely pushing the large mass out of the U-bend where it’s easily removed and into the pipework where it continues to obstruct the flow of water but now needs the help of a professional to remove it.

As for chemical cleaners, we never recommend using these. They can be like a game of Russian Roulette. The chemicals may solve your issue, but they may also cause pipes to erode, expand and burst — making a bad problem much worse! The risks to your pipework aren’t worth it. Not to mention the damage these chemicals cause to the environment.

Bath unblocking: Check the U-Bendbath unblocking

If you can access the U-Bend under your bath, you’ll be able to check on the issue without having to call in an expert. Because the U-Bend uses a kink in the pipe to create a water seal, it’s the area that’s most likely to accumulate debris such as hair and dirt.  If you have access to the U-bend, you’ll probably need to remove the bath’s side panel (if it’s removable), making sure you don’t damage it.

Make sure that the bathtub has been fully drained. Then, with the U-Bend visible, unscrew the joint that directly connects it to the tub. You might want to put on rubber gloves for this as it can get messy. Unscrew the U-bend from the outlet pipe, so that you now have the U-bend in your hand and entirely disconnected from both the bath and pipework.  This section of pipe will hopefully contain the blockage.

You should be able to easily remove the blockage within the U-Bend using your fingers or a stick. Once this is clear, also check any adjacent elbow joints or removable piping for blockages.  Once you’re sure the blockage is clear, re-attach the fittings. Make sure that you correctly place any washers and rubber seals. These can be tricky so make sure you take your time screwing everything back correctly. You may need to give the threading and rubber seal a clean if there is dirt present. You want to make sure you have a clean and sold seal.  Otherwise, you will run the risk of a leak.

If this doesn’t solve the issue or there is no sign of a blockage, it’s likely your blockage is deeper in the pipework. If this is the case, you may want to consider calling in the professionals. For advice on your situation and to get it resolved quickly, feel free to speak to us any time on freephone 1800 437 246

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