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Dyno-Rod’s Ultimate Drain Machine!

This week we have taken delivery of our long awaited flagship unit. This one of a kind machine has been custom designed to provide drain cleaning, inspection, tracing and testing services all from the one vehicle! It has the flexibility to work at your home, office or even pharmaceutical plant. It is the Swiss Army Knife of drain machinery.

The unit is fitted with full high pressure water jetting and electro-mechanical drain cleaning equipment to unblock and clean everything from a 32mm sink waste pipe up to 400mm diameter sewer pipes. So if we come across a blockage during a drain survey we can sort it out there and then - no need to mobilise a second unit at additional cost.

It has drain cameras to inspect pipework as small as 32mm diameter right up to 600mm diameter and greater if required. The cameras can travel up to 120m down a pipe and are mobile so can be taken up onto roofs or other remote locations. Whatever you need surveyed, this van can get the job done

The unit is fitted with our cloud based CCTV reporting system so the customer can view their survey from anywhere in the world while we are still working on site. Your survey is then stored in an online archive for you and your colleagues to access whenever you want.

Need to excavate or don't know where your pipework goes? No problem. Using our pipe tracing equipment we can pinpoint the location of a pipe at ground level and provide a map of your drainage system in AutoCAD.

The vehicle is provided with a specialist computerised drain testing machine for accurate and dependable testing of pipes, manholes and tanks at your home or for large scale industrial facilities.