Drain Cleaning Equipment

Dyno-Rod operates an extensive fleet of high pressure water jetting systems capable of dealing with every drainage project, each utilising the latest developments in jetting and suction technology.

Our “Jetting” units are capable of jetting at 80 gpm, cleaning a wide variety of pipe sizes and diameters. Munster Drain operates an extensive fleet of high pressure water jetting systems capable of dealing with every drainage project. Our truck based units can remove silt and debris from drains, culverts and sewers as well as wet wells, digesters, deep soakaways, sludge tanks, interceptors and catchpits.

It is often difficult to identify what problems lurk in drains and sewers until work is proceeding. With over 40 years of practical experience, we have all the tools and expertise to deliver a solution for every problem. The total cleaning service – The company utilises high pressure water jetting to achieve free flow in drains and sewers. Arisings are collected using our powerful vacuum systems.

Hydrostatic Air Testing Of Drains

Dyno-Rod had a fully computerised system for the integrity testing of drains and manholes. Fully certified and calibrated to provide results under the IS EN 1601 Standard for pressure testing of drains, we can utilise this equipment from everything from house buyer surveys to IPPC licence requirements for major industrial & pharmaceutical sites.

CCTV Survey Equipment

Dyno-Rod have a vast array of CCTV drain surveying equipment to provide comprehensive reporting on drainage systems. Our CCTV drain surveys are completed to the WRc (Water Research Centre) Standard and will identify any and all defects discovered within your drains. Utilising our online platform, the report and footage can be downloaded to your computer, a hard copy of the report will also be posted to you. Our CCTV operators have decades of experience in surveying and their vast array of knowledge empowers us to provide the highest quality survey reports possible.

Pipes & Manhole Repairs

While it is sometimes necessary to excavate damaged pipework and Manholes, Dyno-Rod will endeavour to employ less invasive technologies to minimise disruption to your home or business. Our drain and manhole rehabilitation teams can carry out all drain repairs ranging from minor repairs such as replacing a gully or manhole up to and including the renovation or replacement of your entire drainage system. In addition to this, we offer many mechanical drain systems which allow us to remove some items that may have ingress within the drain and may be causing blockages and remove any build up of scale that has been deposited over time.

Grease Trap Installation & Repair

With a staff of Civil, Environmental & Mechanical Engineers, we can size and specify a grease trap for your home or business that will comply with local legislation and international standards. By working with a variety of suppliers, we can offer you the best possible solution to service your site. In some circumstances, the standard models just won’t do the job, so we have engaged a manufacturing partner to carry out a bespoke service. Should it be required, we can have a stainless steel grease trap manufactured to our exacting specifications so that you can install the most compliant and environmentally safe option. In addition, we also supply the GreaseShield range of Grease Recovery Units (GRU) for areas where a passive grease trap is not suitable.

Pumps & Waste Water Systems

Every sewage treatment system, pump station and waste water treatment facility requires regular and comprehensive maintenance. This will ensure that the system will process waste water effectively and safely for the surrounding environment. Regular maintenance will also ensure that minor faults can be identified and corrected before they become a major issue thus providing an economical and cost effective solution.

Dyno-Rod’s Waste Water Treatment and Pump Division have extensive experience in maintaining these systems. From maintenance calls to full system upgrades with online monitoring capabilities, Dyno-Rod can offer a fully bespoke service to each individual client. On initial contact our specialist operators can, if required, carry out a full Electro/Mechanical assessment of a system that has failed or is no longer operating as designed. This will give an overall view of its operating capacity and current status. Alternatively, Dyno-Rod Operators can appraise and correct any site specific issue however minor.

Our comprehensive asset appraisal identifies areas of concern and prioritises issues that require resolution. This provides our clients with peace of mind and clarity with regard to a phased maintenance programme encompassing all areas of their waste water treatment system up to and including asset replacement or upgrades.


We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year across Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Kildare & all of Ireland to ensure that you are always covered when domestic, commercial and industrial drainage problems arise.

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