As with any mechanical system, at some point, you may need to perform septic tank repairs from time to time. Since prevention is better than cure, you may be better off using regular maintenance to postpone or prevent the need for repairs. The kind of repairs you’ll need will depend on the type of septic tank and the issue at hand. Here are a few common issues that might signal urgent work is required.

Septic Tank Repairs: Sewage Leaksseptic tank repair

Raw sewage leaks aren’t a good thing! A sewage leak can cause severe health and safety issues, not just for you but potentially for your community or local environment. You’re legally required to have your septic tank checked regularly by a competent person. You must also have the tank desludged regularly depending on its size and usage. This is especially important for larger scale wastewater treatment systems. If you’re unsure what frequency of maintenance you need, we can help.

Sometimes, the leak might be close enough to the surface to cause a visible (or odorous!) sign, such as dampness and pooling around the tank. But regular check-ups are essential as many leaks can go on for months completely unnoticed, seeping toxic waste into the soil and potentially into the water table. No matter how well constructed your system was initially, the earth can shift, concrete and plastic can crack, metals can rust and corrode,  and all of these things can lead to leaks.

Tree Roots

Certain types of trees and plants have very long, powerful roots which can break through the line pipes or the septic tank itself, causing leaks and damage to your system. If you’re planning on planting trees near your drain field, make sure you do your research. Some invasive roots can seek out water up to 15 metres away. It’s best if you keep trees and plants at a safe distance, even if they have shallow roots. One way you can calculate the distance is by taking the maximum height of the tree and plant it at least that distance away from the tank and drain field.

Septic Tank Backing Up

If your septic tank is backing up, this can be a sign that you need some maintenance and potentially need to have the system unclogged.

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