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Winter Drains Advice

The frost, snow and cold weather can take a huge toll on your drains and plumbing systems during the winter, often causing a large amount of damage if things go wrong.

The Problem

Blocked Rainwater Systems

With so much rain descending onto our properties during Winter months, a blocked pipe can result in flooding, damage and disruption.

In order to prevent this, a few precautionary measures can be taken - all of which should offer a level of protection from winter damage these are listed below in the solutions section of the page.

The Solution

Health & Safety Messages

This article has been produced for information only. It offers you basic advice to do the job yourself but in order to prevent harm to yourself or damage to equipment or property, please ensure you use the correct tools and suitable personal protective equipment. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate in contacting one of our professional engineers.

Prevent blockages

One of the key things to remember during the winter is that if the flow of water in your drains is inhibited at any point, it's far more likely to block. To reduce this risk, it's a good idea to ensure the drains are kept as free from debris as possible.

This means regularly clearing leaves, twigs and other debris from the gutters and gullies and using a grate of some sort to cover any open gullies. It's also important to watch what you pour down the drains. Substances like cooking fat and grease can easily congeal in the pipes and cause blockages.

Preventative Cleaning

Debris and silt may have gathered in the rainwater drainage systems serving your property. This may extend downstream of the gully and result in a nasty surprise if left to sit there until the Winter months.

Dyno-Rod can visit your property and flush out any such debris using high pressure water jetting equipment. Contact us for a quotation for preventative cleaning of your drains in advance of bad weather.

If you need any more advice on blocked drains or other drainage problems, don't hesitate to call Dyno-Rod's experienced staff to make use of their professional expertise.

What Our Clients Say

“ Your engineer called yesterday to clear blockage from the waste water drain, He was very efficient and arrived promptly, and cleared the blockage. Many thanks to Pat, based in Galway ”

Ann Hough - Galway

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