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Drain Tracing

Often customers are not sure of which way their drains run or need to know where a drain fault is located so a repair can be carried out. Dyno-Rod can accurately locate the position of the pipe or any particular defect and mark it for you at ground level. Before you lift a shovel, allow Dyno-Rod to use our sonde systems in conjunction with our high pressure jetting and CCTV surveying equipment and we will tell you exactly where the problem is located. No need to lose time and money digging in the wrong place! 

Dyno-Rod uses a range of tracing equipment to track your drainage systems. Our standard equipment is accurate to depths of up to 15m. Our equipment travels though the pipe itself so is not affected by pipe material. 

What Our Clients Say

“ Your engineer called yesterday to clear blockage from the waste water drain, He was very efficient and arrived promptly, and cleared the blockage. Many thanks to Pat, based in Galway ”

Ann Hough - Galway

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