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Odour Tracing

Drain smells in your home are never pleasant, often embarressing and typically intermittent. If you experience foul odours in your property which you suspect may be related to the drains, Dyno-Rod can track down the source of the problem using our specialist smoke testing equipment. Once found, Dyno-Rod's drain repair teams can fix the problem for good.

As these smells tend to come and go, it can be frustrating trying to figure out where the problem is coming from, particularly if they have disappeared by the time we arrive on site! Using our specialist smoke testing machine, we will introduce smoke to the drainage system which will follow the flow of air in the pipework and then will escape from the pipe at the same point as the smell. We can then trace the smoke visually and establish the location and nature of the fault. 

What Our Clients Say

“ Your engineer called yesterday to clear blockage from the waste water drain, He was very efficient and arrived promptly, and cleared the blockage. Many thanks to Pat, based in Galway ”

Ann Hough - Galway

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